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Consultation by appointment, with Brett Jarosz (Chiropractor) and Ryan Pool (Chiropractor) at South Yarra Spine & Sports Medicine.

Brett's consultation hours are:

  • Tuesdays        7am - 12pm

  • Wednesdays   3pm - 8pm

  • Thursdays       3pm - 8pm

  • Fridays            7am - 12pm

Ryan's consultation hours are:

  • Mondays         2pm - 7pm

  • Tuesdays        3pm - 8pm

  • Wednesdays   7am - 12pm

  • Thursdays       8am - 12pm

  • Fridays            2pm - 5:20pm

Initial consultation

The initial consultation is 60 minutes in duration.

Individuals that have never attended Optimize Sports Chiropractic; or individuals that have not consulted Optimize Sports Chiropractic for 12-months or more, are required to have an initial consultation. 

During the initial consultation, we will endeavour to make the appropriate diagnosis, as well as detect the causes or risk factors that lead to the development of your complaint/condition, to minimise the risk of recurrence. Once the diagnosis is made, we can advise on management approaches, and/or arrange for the appropriate referrals.

Standard Consultation          

The standard consultation is 20 minutes in duration.

Once the appropriate diagnosis and management approach has been determined, we will administer any treatment, advice, corrective exercise strategies, and rehabilitation programs during standard consultations.

N.B.: Although standard consultations generally take 20 minutes, these are at the discretion of Optimize Sports Chiropractic. Some individuals may require further/ongoing assessment, or longer treatment times due to more complicated complaints/conditions, and will be advised to schedule an 'Extended Consultation' when appropriate.

Extended Consultation         

The extended consultation is 40 minutes in duration.

Extended consultations may be required in certain circumstances, whereby an individual requires further/ongoing assessment such as gait analysis, detailed neurological assessment, or review of radiological evaluation (e.g. MRI, CT, US, Clinical EMG etc). Additionally, an extended consultation may be needed for individuals that require longer appointment times to deliver specific treatment approaches such as corrective exercise strategies and rehabilitation program prescription.

Concussion Consultation (Baseline or Post-Injury)

The concussion consultation consists of two 60 minute consultations (i.e. 120 minutes in total duration)

Individuals requesting an initial baseline concussion evaluation, or individuals that have sustained a concussion injury are required to have a concussion consultation. 

The concussion consultation is also required for more complex presentations (e.g. ME/CFS, PVS)

During the concussion consultation we will conduct a comprehensive history and perform an extensive, detailed neurological and physical examination, including the use of objective, computerised technology. Once the baseline or post-injury assessment is complete, we can advise on management approaches, and/or arrange for the appropriate referrals.


The consultation types and times for third party clients follow the initial, standard, and extended consultations described above.

Any individuals attending Optimize Sports Chiropractic under third party schemes such as TAC, WorkCover, or EPC (Medicare), are responsible for payment at the time time of consultation, and are then able to be reimbursed by their respective third party payor.

Third party schemes attract their own individual fee structures, usually disclosed by Government agencies on an annual basis.

Please feel free to contact the clinic to obtain the Optimize Sports Chiropractic current fee structures, which vary depending on appointment type, as well as concession eligibility.

Please complete your Online New Patient Paperwork at least 72 hours prior to your consultation.

A link to the online paperwork will be emailed to you upon scheduling of your initial consultation.

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