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Gait and Movement Assessment

Gait (walking) is a very complex activity, and many neurological and physical disorders can create gait abnormalities. Furthermore, changes in gait biomechanics may lead to musculoskeletal pain, problems in activities of daily living (due to the inability to move appropriately), and an increased possibility of future pain and injuries. Additionally, dysfunction in fundamental movement patterns - such as bending, squatting, or raising arms overhead - can also be an underlying cause of pain. 

Gait and movement assessment is an important part of the clinical evaluation for those individuals experiencing pain. Fundamental movement based assessment systems, such as Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation (FNOR    ) and Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA), focus on identifying dysfunctional gait and movement patterns that may be contributing to, or causing the pain.

Spark Motion

Spark Motion is a leader in motion analysis technology. It is an iPad motion capture app that was built out of necessity by performance and healthcare professionals in the field to assist in the assessment and management of athletes and patients. As dysfunctional gait and fundamental movement patterns can play a crucial role in the cause of neuromusculoskeletal problems and pain, it is important to have biomechanical analysis tools to help evaluate and identify these problems - Spark Motion helps do that.

Gait and Movement Assessment at Optimize Sports Chiropractic

At Optimize Sports Chiropractic we utilise Spark Motion in our gait and movement assessment to gain a greater insight into an individuals fundamental movements that may be contributing to their injury or pain.

Gait and movement assessment can take up a lot of evaluation time for our patients. Where possible, biomechanical analysis will be completed within the initial consultation so that we can initiate your individualized multi-modal management plan. However, sometimes we will require an additional extended consultation in order to complete the comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal (neuro-orthopedic) evaluation.

The integration of Spark Motion with the FNOR     and SFMA systems, as part of our comprehensive neuromusculoskeletal (neuro-orthopedic) evaluation, diagnosis and individualized multi-modal management approach, helps Optimize Sports Chiropractic achieve your optimal Movement, Function, Performance and Health. 



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