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The National Cabinet has met twice this week regarding the changing circumstances related to COVID-19. What remains constant is that health services, including chiropractic, are considered essential services and can still operate.

Based on the advice from the Australian Government, Optimize Sports Chiropractic is currently remaining open. Our mission to serve you, and the members of our community continues. However, we have made, and will continue to make decisions to ensure the health and safety of our staff, and you.

We continue to implore all patients to please self isolate if you have a fever or symptoms of respiratory illness, in order to prevent the spread of the virus to other members of the community, other patients, our staff or other practitioners.

Please do not attend the practice if you have any of the following:

  • fever

  • coughing

  • sore throat

  • fatigue

  • shortness of breath.

  • if you fit the recent Government criteria for self isolation for 14 days

  • Hygeine: We have continued to implement additional cleaning, strict hand sanitising and alcohol based cleaning to use in between each patient visit, and ask that all patients practise good hygiene to protect against infection and prevent the virus spreading. We also encourage you all to use EFTPOS/CREDIT CARD where possible.

  • Social Distancing: We implore everyone who visits the SYSSM practice to respect and follow the social distancing policy that is in place. Again, if you feel unwell, please stay at home.

We will continue to monitor the situation daily, and make changes according to Australian Government recommendations.

Please stay safe and healthy. Yours sincerely,  Optimize Sports Chiropractic

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