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Welcome to the team!

We proudly welcome Dylan Jones (Chiropractor) to the Optimize Sports Chiropractic team.

Dylan has been a practicing Chiropractor since graduating from RMIT University in 2014. He has experience working within a multidisciplinary team of clinical practitioners, strength & conditioning coaches and personal trainers.

Having played a lot of sport through his teenage and early adult life, Dylan has a strong passion in the development and management of teenage athletes and their injuries. Since becoming a practitioner and assisting patients with the management of various sports injuries and conditions, Dylan has become more aware of the prevalence of concussion in sports, and the impact they have on an individual. This has lead him to develop further clinical interest in the conditions of concussion (mTBI) and persistent post concussive symptoms (a.k.a. post concussion syndrome).

With his previous experience of working within a gym environment, Dylan has a deep understanding of how to incorporate multimodal strategies to help try and achieve optimal outcomes.

Dylan will commence practice at Optimize Sports Chiropractic on Tuesday January 4th, 2022, and will be available for consultation Tuesday afternoon and Thursday mornings.

You can learn more about Dylan here.

Please call (03) 9826 2122 or email to schedule an appointment.

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